Ultrasonics have always been at the heart of what we do

Since its inception in 1967, MARTIN WALTER Ultraschalltechnik AG has focused exclusively on ultrasonics. From the outset, the company has been a frontrunner in the development of ultrasonic components for both cleaning and welding technologies. Collaboration and expertise sharing with our customers and partners provide the framework for the development of high-quality concepts and solutions that meet the increasingly complex requirements of our customers’ applications. As a member of the global CREST GROUP, we have access to a wealth of knowledge, enabling us to consistently provide our customers with solutions that are tailored to their unique needs. Our leading market position builds on our expertise in generator, transducer and converter technology for cleaning, mixing and separating liquids along with joining technology and specialized processes. We are expert problem-solvers. We address the evolving needs of industrial customers and environmental protection on a daily basis in our in-house laboratory. We engineer products that set tomorrow’s ecological and economic standards. We are committed to providing the best possible advice and long-term support to our customers. Even after your project has been completed, we continue to offer our guidance and assistance!



A short journey through time - our milestones

2017 50 years MARTIN WALTER Ultraschalltechnik

We are celebrating an anniversary!

2016 Representation in Switzerland

LAS Oberflächentechnik will be our exclusive partner for Switzerland

2015 Representation in Schweden

VIVERK will be our exclusive partner for Sweden

2013 Representation in Italy

S&Rind s.r.l. will be our exclusive partner for Italy

2013 New Corporate Design

We are starting with our new company corporate design

2002 Representation in France

TECHNETT SCHWARZ will be our exclusive partner for France

2001 Representation in Austria

MAP Pamminger will be our exclusive partner for Austria

2001 Representation in Israel

AMZA will be our exclusive partner for Israel

2000 Representation in Benelux

Variclean will be our exclusive partner for Belgium, Netherlands und Luxembourg

1998 MARTIN WALTER becomes a Limited liability company

New company formation > AG

1997 MARTIN WALTER becomes part of the Crest-Group USA

With the Crest Group, MARTIN WALTER becomes part of the global leader in ultrasonic technology.

1990 The company's new location

Martin Walter relocates the company headquarters to Straubenhardt Conweiler

1967 Founding the company in Karlsbad-Auerbach

Martin Walter begins the development and production of ultrasonic cleaning components and ultrasonic welding technology.

Our USP: The Crest Group, a network of great partnerships

MARTIN WALTER ULTRASCHALLTECHNIK AG is part of the world’s largest alliance of companies specializing in ultrasonic technology. All members of the CREST GROUP are involved in the field of ultrasonics. This affiliation grants us access to a global network of specialists and service personnel. Leveraging this concentrated expertise, we can quickly respond to market changes and promptly deploy service personnel to support our customers in the event of an emergency. Take advantage of this expertise for your business by choosing our products.


Crest Ultrasonics is the world-leading manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning equipment and solutions. It is committed to delivering the most advanced technology available today with a wide range of standard ultrasonic cleaning solutions as well as solutions tailored to specific customer needs.


Advanced Ceramics Technology in Malaysia serves as the manufacturing hub for the Crest Group, supplying ultrasonic equipment to all member companies as well as renowned businesses worldwide. The state-of-the-art production facility in Penang develops and manufactures cleaning systems designed to meet the most challenging cleaning requirements.

Ultrasonic Systems

DieArtech Ultrasonic Systems AG, based in Bottighofen, Switzerland, is a specialist in ultrasonic components and solutions for the bulk material industry. Its patented frequency variation method for the efficient sieving, discharging and conveying of granules and powders has made Artech a leading provider in this field.

CC hydrosonic

CC Hydrosonics Ltd. in the United Kingdom offers a broad spectrum of innovative and high-performance solutions for solvent-based ultrasonic cleaning and vapor degreasing in industrial applications.


Forward Technology, based in the USA, is a manufacturer of ultrasonic welding equipment and testing systems for plastics processing.


KLN Ultraschall AG has been a part of Crest Ultrasonics Corp. since 2000. Located in Heppenheim, KLN manufactures ultrasonic welding machines for the plastics industry and ultrasonic cleaning systems with optional drying technology.


All Mecasonic products for ultrasonic welding technology are developed, designed and manufactured at the company’s facility in Juvigny, France.


Rinco Ultrasonics, based in Switzerland, is committed to excellence in ultrasonic joining technology.