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Are you searching for a thorough and reliable technology and method to gently and cost-effectively clean your products or components? Then look no further than MARTIN WALTER Ultraschalltechnik AG. We offer perfect cleaning technology and services for various industries and applications. Our Powersonic technology, for instance, is utilized in the automotive industry for conventional tasks like degreasing vehicle parts or in the electronics industry for cleaning highly sensitive components. MARTIN WALTER Ultraschalltechnik AG equipment is also used to ensure the absolute hygienic cleanliness of medical devices and instruments in medical practices and hospitals. Aqueous ultrasonic cleaning can be complemented with specialized cleaning agents for various applications. These are just a few examples of the countless possibilities that ultrasonic technology and cleaning can offer you.

Our expertise: Ultrasonic cleaning that effectively removes even the smallest particles

With over 50 years of experience, MARTIN WALTER ULTRASCHALLTECHNIK has been a frontrunner in the manufacturing and development of ultrasonic components and equipment since its inception in 1967. Synergistic partnerships and expertise sharing with our customers and business associates provide the framework and the essential prerequisites for the development of innovative, flexible concepts and solutions. Adapted to the constantly evolving requirements and application processes of our customers, our portfolio positions us as one of the market leaders in ultrasonic technology. Our range of products includes generators, transducers and converters for cleaning technology, mixing and separating liquids, as well as joining technology and special processes.

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